SNIFF Anthology

Deadline: December 1, 2023

  • Payment: $0.01/word for short stories; $10.00/poem; $30.00/page for comics
  • Acquisitions Editor: Thurston Howl
  • Expected release: Summer 2024

Bewere Books and HUFF Aromas are proud to open our first co-run anthology, SNIFF, an erotic furry anthology dedicated to all the musk lovers out there. We’d love to see (and smell) burly coach dads getting huffed after practice, jockstrap-sniffing thieves getting punished, a twink wearing a face mask to the store after that mask was shoved in his boyfriend’s underwear all day the day before, and more!

We encourage any and all sexualities, including polyamorous, asexual, and aromantic representations. Kink and fetish are perfectly fine (and maybe even encouraged) with submissions, and you are free to play around with genre here.

Important musk note: Just like HUFF Aromas itself, even we have limits as to what we will publish on the musk spectrum. We will not be accepting content for this anthology that involves smegma, watersports, scat, or ABDL.

Editor's Note: "One thing I really like to see in erotica is when the story is integrated into the sex. I tire of what I call 'bedroom erotica,' where there’s all this story and all this buildup and then the characters just move to the bedroom to do the final sex scene. It makes the whole story very predictable, basic, and not super interesting. I wouldn’t diss on it so hard if I didn’t get like... 20 of them with every anthology. I like seeing something a bit fresher. One subset of this is 'hobbyist erotica,' where the author spends 20 pages having characters romantically bond over a hobby or sport the author did some Wikipedia research on, so they can infodump a lot, and then the characters abandon all of that to go have sex in the bedroom. If your characters have a board game night story, I'd rather see them on top of the game board than on top of the bed. TLDR: I like to see the sex to be an integral part of the story, not something disparate and disconnected."

Reprints are not accepted.

Simultaneous submissions are fine! If your work is accepted elsewhere, it is your responsibility to let us know. Max of three subs per writer.

Fenris Publishing asks for Non-Exclusive rights to your work in perpetuity.

All are welcome to submit to us, and we would like to especially welcome BIPOC creators, LGBTQ+ creators, creators with disabilities, current and former sex workers, and as well as creators who have never been published before.

Send all submissions via email to thurstonhowl@fenrispublishing.com. See below for submission specifics:

Short stories:
2,000-6,000 words
Attach as a .doc/.docx
Format: Double spaced, TNR/Arial, use the Indent feature (not the Tab key)
Tell us about yourself and your submission in the body of your email
Title your email: “SNIFF - [story title] - [author name]”

No more than 2,000 words
Attach as a .doc/.docx
Tell me about yourself and your submission in the body of your email
Title your email: “SNIFF - [poem title] - [author name]”

Max of 10 pages
Attach as a PDF
Format: Approximately 10.0” high by 7.5” wide per page (we can flex a bit on dimensions, but it does need to at least be in 'portrait" orientation); CMYK color; at least 300 DPI
Tell me about yourself and your submission in the body of your email
Title your email: “SNIFF - [comic title] - [author name].